the first annual visibility summit


sharing your story, nailing your message + attracting your Clients

An intimate gathering of 6 incredible lady entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge + mastermind with each other, all on gorgeous video which will be unveiled to their communities to help aspiring entrepreneurs around the world!


Why are conversions down for online summits?

Because no one shows up. 

I confess, I've registered for a bunch of summits, only to forget or not have time to sit there all day + watch videos. 

So, I wanted to create something different. Something excellent. Something totally new.

WHAT IF...instead of showing up to a summit where a host was interviewing a specialist over skype...

  • It was in person

  • All of the specialists were together

  • Each person taught their zone of genius

  • THEN everyone in the room got to mastermind with each other to implement that strategy into their own business?

WHAT IF...instead of it being remote, impractical + too wide-spread...

  • MESSAGE {the foundational block of visibility} was the 100% focus

  • We targeted the huge percentage of our subscribers who are really struggling, feeling frustrated + like they aren't getting anywhere in their business?

  • Our audiences got to watch their favorite thought leaders on gorgeous, professionally filmed video

  • Each speaker knew how their participation would grow their influence + build their connections with fellow female entrepreneurs


Michelle Lewis {of Visibility Vixen®} is a Visibility Expert + podcast host who specializes in helping launching lady entrepreneurs get more visible online through podcasting, video + livestreaming techniques so that they can skyrocket their visibility, monetize their success + finally start changing the world with their unique gifts. Through her online courses, Facebook Group, “The Visible Entrepreneur” + podcast --- there’s always a place to go to learn + make a bigger impact on your audience.

Michelle has a film/tv background, working both in front of and behind the camera on shows like “Paycheck”, “Pretty Little Liars” + “Chuck”.


DATE: Saturday + Sunday, June 10th + 11th, 2017


TIME: 10am-5pm

*the majority of filming will be happening on Saturday, but we are including Sunday in case we need to do any finishing touches!



  • To be available for full attendance the day of
  • To prepare a 30 minute lecture on the topic you specialize in {with actionable intel + an accompanying worksheet, workbook, etc to be included with training for audience}
  • To share your lecture the day of + then lead/answer questions with the group 
  • To be willing to promote the summit to your list, fb group and/or with ads to attract entrepreneurs who need help with their visibility


  • All information needed for the day-of event
  • Example emails/copy to promote event as well as a promo reel to share
  • Ability to livestream your teaching segment to your fb group
  • Industry connections with amazing fellow lady entrepreneurs {I will update the list here as people confirm!}
  • A promo video for the summit
  • An individual edited video of your segment that you can use on your social media, website or speaking reel!

How will this all work once we've recorded?

  • I will upload all of the training's {10 minute versions} into a free course 
  • You will be given an affiliate link to promote
  • On the day of, it will be released to the public
  • Your audience will then have the opportunity to upgrade to full access to the summit for $197 with your affiliate link where you will receive an 80% commission. {you are welcome to attach any kind of upgrade of your own training's with this offer to promote, ie a workshop, worksheet, mini course, video training series}

I see ladypreneurs in my Facebook Group every day {and I'm sure you do too} who really WANT to get visible in their business, but are totally overwhelmed, overworked + financially strapped. They don't have the resources to hire a coach or take an e-course that would really help them get to the next level.

And I think we can help.

What if they could purchase this summit + walk away with actionable, clear, a-z steps to get their visibility up + running? What if this training enabled them to start making a consistent impact SO THAT they could start upleveling + getting more of the training they needed from us?

I never want an ideal client to feel like I'm totally unreachable + they might as well give up.

Because I know we can help.

And, with all of us gathering in one place {hugs included}, we can help each other.


Sound like a great fit?

YAY!!!! Email, call or text to let me know that you're in!



Phone: 818.359.3431


Will the technical side of this be handled professionally?

YES! As a former video editor, wedding planner + assistant, I tend to be crazy type A + I'm 100% dedicated to making this event be of best benefit to YOU. That means our team will be amazing! My Father {who has Directed on hit shows like "Pretty Little Liars"} + husband {who is a cameraman on shows like "Justified", "Bones", "House of Lies" + "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders"} will be doing all of the video coverage on Sony A7 cameras. It will look stunning, + we will have multiple mics to pick up gorgeous audio.



The AMAZING news is that there are quite a few places literally steps away from where we're holding the event. Here are a few based on proximity:



Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is much closer than LAX, but you're welcome to take the Flyaway Shuttle from LAX + I can pick you up in Van Nuys!



Summits can be messy, ammi right? But don't worry - I will add you into Moxtra which will be the database for everything regarding the event. You can ask questions, add your slides/training/workbooks for the event + will have access to all of the photos/videos of the event once it's completed!



I've reached out to you personally because I believe you are the most skilled in the industry at what you do. That means I WANT YOU THERE. If you can't 100% commit for the next few weeks, I totally get it! Check your schedule, check with your team + get back to me by May 15th, 2017 at the latest. 


Thanks so much for considering this opportunity, I really hope to see you there! In the meantime, please show discretion with this link as you are 1 of 8 women who will be receiving it!