Here Are Some Lectures Michelle Has Given:



I’m Michelle Lewis and I’ve used my experience as a Visibility Expert experience to help launching lady entrepreneurs create hands-off online systems, beautiful brands, red-carpet worthy videos + powerful livestreams. I am also the host of the hit podcast “Visibility Vixens”, where I interview successful entrepreneurs every week.

With a history in Television + Film, I’ve learned technical + creative abilities on shows like “Melrose Place”, “Pretty Little Liars” + “Paycheck”. I’ve also studied how to help people heal, earning my Doctorate in an Indigenous natural healing practice called Raphaology.

I jump out of bed with a big smile on my face each morning because I get the opportunity to show passionate women how to break out of the cages of their wounds, identify their purpose + step forward into their gifts in an actionable way. This is more than a job to me, it’s a privilege. I’m on a mission to restore the feminine creative abilities + inherent visibility in women, showing them a clear path of how to get there.


Topics Michelle Can Speak On:

  • Setting Up Successful Online Systems - Email Responders, Scheduling, Design, Social Media, etc
  • Branding Yourself With Purpose + Clarity - Knowing the WHY Behind Your Brand Colors
  • Video Creation - Upping Your Exposure with Your Blog, Creating Your YouTube Channel, The Top 5 Videos You Can Start Making Right Now
  • Livestreaming - How To Rock Your Livestreams, Optimizing Facebook Live Across Your Biz Page, Public Page + Group
  • Story Mapping - How Your Unique Stories Will Attract Your Audience
  • Creating An Amazing Email Nurture Sequence - Using Story, Infoproducts + Video to Keep Your List Engaged
  • Podcasting - How To Create Your First Podcast

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