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Michelle Lewis is known as a Visibility Expert who specializes in helping ladypreneurs get more visible in their business by stepping out of overwhelm + invisibility. Her workshops, courses + retreats give them joy + excitement growing their visual brand quicker than they thoughts possible while actually loving the journey, + most importantly themselves, along the way.

Having grown up in the film + television business, Michelle has worked on some great Hollywood productions like "Pretty Little Liars", "Chuck", + "Paycheck". Shows like this have taught her the ins + outs of video, getting crazy comfortable on camera + enduring 15 hour shooting days with a smile. On sets like rooftops with helicopters, open fields in Hawaii with with explosives, hypothermic in the middle of a forest at 3am...building her grit gumption + grace.

She is the host of the 'Ladypreneur Legacy' podcast + an international speaker. Her flagship free course, 'Comfy On Camera' has helped ladypreneurs from all over the world learn how to confidently rock their livestreams + up their visibility in 5 days. She + her cameraman hubby have also created 'Video Youniversity', an e-course that gives step-by-step guidance to creating quality, killer videos to up audience, interaction + exposure to blow up your brand. Michelle lives in Toluca Lake with her husband, pug + abnormally large cat. You can connect with her further by visiting VISIBILITYVIXEN.COM + following her on Facebook, Twitter + Instagram.





1.      What is the single most important key factor for getting more visual as an online business owner?

2.      How do you create engagement via video?

3.      What’s your history? Why are you a Visibility Expert?

4.      How do you drive traffic to your free interactive course COMFY ON CAMERA for free?

5.      What’s your biggest ally in navigating your email lists + social media content?

6.      How important is livestreaming now?

7.      Should people be focusing on livestreaming or recorded video?

8.      How can listeners start establishing their online presence + gain name recognition?

9.      A lot of coaches out there aren’t sure about the tech. What’s an easy way to get started in video creation + editing?

10.  You talk a lot about colors. Why are brand colors so important to increasing visibility?

11.  How do you help people break through their fears + actually get on camera overnight?

         12.  What are the tools people can grab RIGHT NOW to start boosting their visibility + brand?