Welcome to Day 5 - Last Day!!

AFFIRMATION: "I am confident, clear + inspired every time I reach my ideal client on camera."


Today's training is all about:

  • Defining our look
  • Picking our colors
  • Choosing our medium
  • Perfecting our background
  • Selecting our topic


  1. Define your ideal look + color palette
  2. Choose a live medium
  3. Choose 1 topic stemming from your Mission Statement

Be sure to complete your ACTION STEPS in today's workbook! Download here.


Do 1 livestream + report back to our Facebook Group:

  • How did it go?
  • What were your weaknesses?
  • What strengths shone through?
  • Include a link so we can shower you with love + praise!!

You, my dear, have brought me such joy this week. Thank you for a) showing up b) blowing me away with your vulnerable livestreams + c) being a new gal in my life.

Sometimes, this journey in solo biz can be a lonely one. So having you in my life + letting me help you with your passion is beyond humbling!

Ok, enough of the sniffs, let’s get to today’s final training!

Your First “For Real” Broadcast

Today’s the day where you venture out on your own! Yipes!

I know, it’s a little scary, but use those nerves to push you forward. You are MORE than capable!

We’ve built your mission, your why, your power.

We’ve silenced those monstrous fears.

Let’s move on to your look.

Your look, you say? Why does that matter?

Because, my darling, you are representing your brand. You are bringing a visual to what you’re all about!

So it’s time to start thinking about how you want that to appear.

We’ll dig much deeper in today’s training.

TUNE IN to the Facebook Group at 10amPST for today’s awesome education.





P.S. Of course, this is our last day together, but “One Day More” seemed like the perfect inspiring song to propel you into your first broadcast! I saw this play at…I think…4 years old? With Colm Wilkenson + Lea Salonga. SO BOSS! *One of my goals in life is to play Eponine*