Welcome to Day 4!!

AFFIRMATION: "I am powerful + deserving of my mission on this earth."


Today's training is all about:

  • Claiming our Power
  • Knowing our Qualifications
  • Taking Control of Our Thoughts
  • Finding our Daily Power Exercise


  1. List 3 reasons why you are qualified, more than anyone else, to talk about your topic.
  2. List your top 3 negative thoughts about yourself.
  3. List your top 4 wonderful truths about yourself.
  4. Define your Daily Power Exercise!

Be sure to complete your ACTION STEPS in today's workbook! Download here.


Do 1 livestream in our Facebook Group:

  • Give us 3 reasons why you are ABSOLUTELY qualified
  • Do a 'sweaty pits' empowerment shout out!

It’s all about CLAIMING OUR POWER.

It’s something I still have to remind myself of, because it’s pretty nuts how quickly I can either give my power away or let someone else take it.

As women, we are loving, kind, compassionate human beings. It’s our nature. But, because of insecurities that have been built inside of us from life-long wounds…it’s easy to become a doormat to fear + insecurity.

No more!

There’s no place for that bull here.

Starting out as a ladypreneur, I was totally scared stiff of so much. But that fear went wayyyy back to my teens…where I was told something horrible by an acting coach I really respected.

Today, we are going to tell that fear + that insecure past self that it’s no longer in the drivers seat.

We are going to tell ourselves exactly why we’re qualified + put an end to the debate.

Let’s sweaty pits this today, girls!

See you in a little bit!


P.S. When I was 5, “Oliver & Company” was released in the theatres. I screamed bloody murder when it ended + my Mom had to drag me out. Sorry ‘bout that, Ma.