Welcome to Day 2!!

AFFIRMATION: "I am releasing my fears being on camera + becoming more courageous + excited about it every day!"


Today's training is all about:

  • Understanding what fear really is
  • Our biggest doubts in our career's future
  • Defining our EVEN BIGGER truths


  1. Define your biggest fears in ladypreneurship
  2. Write your BIG truths
  3. Gut-Check: Proclaim why you KNOW, deep down, you're absolutely meant to do this!

Be sure to complete your ACTION STEPS in today's workbook! Download here.


Do 1 livestream in our Facebook Group:

  • Speak your fears
  • Showcase your BIG truths
  • For the brave: share your gut-check with us!

It seems all big + scary in our thoughts, but because of how much we’re all in this together, voicing it in the safety of our group is going to be HUGE for your growth! You can do it, love!

See you tomorrow!


p.s. I’m pretty sure I may have been the only kid to watch, own + forever love ‘The Princess + The Goblin’…but I still sing this song to this day! {I may or may not have tried to sing it during an American Idol audition}