Hey Ladies! Welcome to Day 1!!

AFFIRMATION: "Being my most authentic self on camera brings me joy + inspires my viewers."


Today's training is all about:

  • WHY it's so important to prioritize VIDEO
  • What our personality style is


  1. What is your goal by Day 5 in regards to Video?

  2. What topics do you absolutely LOVE?

  3. Define your gorgeous personality

Be sure to complete your ACTION STEPS in your workbook!! Download here.


Do 1 livestream in our Facebook Group:

  • Saying "hi" + who your are 
  • Speak your goal by Day 5
  • Tell us your personality type!


*deep breath*

The only way to get more comfortable on camera is to GET on camera, my darling, so let’s make sure you start out doing it in the safe + awesome space of my Facebook Group. After you watch my training, hop onto our Group + do your first LiveStream! I’ll talk you through it. Don’t worry.

See you in a little bit!


p.s. Today’s video is all about us stepping out in faith…just like Goofy Sr + Jr...watch here